Why Is New York City So Dirty?

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world! People dream of being in the Big Apple, walking down the streets with skyscrapers and people from every place you can imagine. Yet, NYC is, unfortunately, a very dirty place.

There are many factors as to why the city is in its currency filthy condition. After all, it has the highest population in the United States, and many contribute to the dirtiness we see everywhere.

Here are 3 major reasons why the city is very filthy:

1.) A lot of people- a lot of waste
As of 2020, the population of NYC is 8,622,357 people. This means a HUGE amount of waste is generated DAILY. In 2017, the Department of Sanitation reported dealing with 12,000 tons of waste every day.
It seems like it may be difficult to remove every bit of trash laying around on the streets when the numbers are astronomical!

2.) People don’t Recycle
Even though many NYC mayors have attempted to implement policies regarding recycling, many plans have failed. There simply aren’t enough recycling bins to go around.
There is also low enforcement when it comes to following recycling rules. Basically, it boils down to the majority of people having a negative attitude and interest when it comes to recycling.

3.) Waste Management is Underfunded
Over the years, waste management authorities have had their budgets cut and aren’t fully funded to do their job. When budget cuts are employed, there aren’t enough workers to clean different areas of NYC.
One example of this is seen in the city’s parks. The NYC Park Department had an $84 million budget cut, which led to the absence of seasonal workers that would have cleaned out parks throughout the city.

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